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Is Fewchore Finance a registered financial company?
Green Caret

Yes, we have a microfinance banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Our registration number is RC 1419718.

How is Fewchore Finance different from other financial institutions?
Green Caret

Fewchore Finance serves as a one-stop destination for all of your financial requirements. We provide you with the best service possible in a timely manner from

Who can apply for loans?
Green Caret

Individuals with BVN and valid means of identification, and Corporate Organizations with valid registration documents.

How much loan am I eligible to collect?
Green Caret

We give payday, retail and corporate loans.

For pay day loans, you are eligible to loans up to N100,000. For retail loans, you are eligible for loans up to N10,000,000. For corporate loans, you are eligible for loans up to N50,000,000.

All subject to terms and conditions.

Why do you need my BVN?
Green Caret

Your BVN is required to authenticate your identity and protect you from identity theft and fraud. Your BVN information is stored securely and it does not give us access to your bank account or transactions.

What documents do I need to apply for a loan?
Green Caret

We will require your valid means of identification, financial records and bank statement.

Can I repay my loan in part or fully before the due date?
Green Caret

Yes, you can repay your loan either fully or in part before maturity without penalty. We always encourage you to do so in order to strengthen your credit credibility.

What should I do if I need further help?
Green Caret

You chat with any of our agents via the live chat on the website. You can also reach out by sending an email to

You can also call our phone lines: 08118878084, 08118878085


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